Environmental Information

Powelectrics Wireless Data Acquisition and Alarming systems are invaluable in Environmental applications and recent years have seen significant developments in the technology opening up new areas for remote monitoring. Efficient data acquisition and effective alarming highlight potential problems and indicates the most productive way of solving problems, as well as ensuring environmental damage is kept to a minimum should an incident occur.

Telemetry gathers data from remote locations and therefore helps with planning, reducing the miles a tanker has to travel to deliver product; a service engineer has to travel to correct a fault; someone has to drive to collect meter readings; an operator has to travel to check on some machinery.

Ultimately, the best way to reduce emissions is to reduce the number and length of journeys you have to make. Telementry helps you do just that. The use of telemetry not only helps you save money but helps you save the enviorment at the same time.