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Platform as a Service

Powelectrics offer sensor providers ‘Platform as a Service’. the opportunity to gain additional and ongoing revenue, by selling connectivity along with their sensors.

Sensor suppliers use our software and hardware, badged as their own, to achieve immediate market entry, fulfilling existing market needs with proven technology and no risk!

  • Capitalize on evolving market needs
  • Open up new applications
  • Sell more sensors to new and existing customers
  • Retrofit connectivity to existing sensors
  • Develop longer-term, ongoing customer partnerships

With solar, battery and external power options and a wide range of communication technologies available, Powelectrics help you offer customers secure, reliable sensor data to any web-enabled device…smartphone, tablet, laptop….

How can offering Platform as a Service open up new applications and create new revenue for you?

IIoT Connected Sensor Solutions
Remote Condition Monitoring
Tank Level Monitoring / Vendor Managed Inventory
Sensors as a Service
Platform as a Service
Radio Telemetry