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SMART Metering Solutions

PowUtilities deliver SMART electricity, gas & water metering technology, designed specifically for multi-occupancy sites, such as residential & holiday parks, managed & serviced offices & industrial units.

PowUtilities remote metering technology is installed on thousands of UK residential & holiday homes, offering accurate, automatic metering & centralized billing.

Benefits To Site Owners

  • Consultancy on metering deployment, utility procurement, services negotiation & site development.
  • Meter reading is automatic – No need to take manual readings.
  • End-users (tenants) pay online in advance – No need to collect money.
  • Protection from utility price increases & bad debt – Change & backdate tariffs via our portal.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing installations or install on new units.
  • Complete service – Installation, management & support.
  • Fully MID & OFGEM compliant.

Click here for the PowUtilities brochure.

Benefits to End-Users (Tenants)

  • Fair payment for the electricity, gas & water actually consumed.
  • Online visibility of usage, including the ability to see if consumption occurs when the property is vacant, which could indicate a gas leak or unauthorized use.
  • Environmentally-friendly. This Pay-As-You-Go solution has been proven to encourage more considerate consumption, reducing the overall costs to the user & reducing energy & water usage & waste.

How Does The PowUtilities Solution Work?

  • PowUtilities supply and fit our proprietary metering technology- retrofit or new units.
  • Readings are taken at user-defined intervals and sent to the PowUtilities portal.
  • End-users (eg caravan owners) pay via the portal & top up credit before utilities are consumed.
  • End users can view their consumption and credit on their unique online account
  • PowUtilities send Sites a fully OFGEM compliant, monthly consumption report, detailing consumption on all monitored units & cost to the customer.
  • The end user pays us a service charge for reading the meters.
  • Site owners pay nothing & may agree rebates or commissions.
  • Site owners invoice PowUtilities, based on consumption reports & site owners pay their utility suppliers.
  • It is also possible for Sites to administrate the system themselves, generally in the case of short-term rentals.

How can we help you with multi-occupancy SMART metering?

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